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this is a blog chronicling my adventures in yarn, namely knitting and hopefully designing patterns and dyeing yarn starting this fall. I am a twentysomething knitter from Montana who loves yarn and making pretty things. check out my Etsy store, TiedDyedandBonafide, starting soon for great deals on yarn and notions!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Swapping is FUN!

So I am not sure how I like the Mystery Item that i am making for the one swap... it seems a little strange with the yarn I am using. (this will all be so much easier when I am able to actually TELL you what I am talking about.) the pattern that i am improving is a go though because i love the way it looks... just not sure about the yarn. As far as other swaps go though... i couldn't be happier with the package i sent today for the Doctor Who swap! I splurged a little on yarn because that was the most important thing in the box.... but I also made cute Doctor Who cards with envelopes and sent Licorice tea with a steeper (for loose tea). yum yum yum! :]

Thursday, August 4, 2011

because everyone needs something pretty

what perfect timing! just as the Doctor Who swap was ending, I got paired for another swap! it's a one item swap, and this month it is a "surprise" swap - you give your partner a list of things you would like, and they make one for you. I looked at my partner's list, and decided on a project (i won't say which one in case she finds her way here!), and i am trying to write a pattern for it. with a chart!! should be exciting. once I swap I will post the pattern here. :)