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this is a blog chronicling my adventures in yarn, namely knitting and hopefully designing patterns and dyeing yarn starting this fall. I am a twentysomething knitter from Montana who loves yarn and making pretty things. check out my Etsy store, TiedDyedandBonafide, starting soon for great deals on yarn and notions!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Expanding my horizons

Because I obviously didn't have enough knitting to keep me busy, I have started a new craft. I picked up some iron on embroidery transfer patterns at the local Michael's while my sister was looking for supplies for her handmade christmas gifts. In case any friends she has stumble across my blog I will refrain from telling you what they are except to say that I WANT ONE. also I never made anything that big/time consuming for any of my friends, so she is definitely putting me to shame. Last year she made handmade bracelets, and they were beautiful!!!! so jealous haha.

But I digress. my New Apartment (which doesn't actually exist yet) needs new dishtowels when it DOES exist, so I found cool patterns that LG and DL will hopefully like... they are all rock symbols, so like an electric guitar, a drumset, a microphone, and a keytar (which will be SUPER awesome). currently I am working on a pattern that says "ROCK ON" in rockish letters and has a rocking out hand, in that longhorn sign thing. so far it says ROCK and has a hand (which is pretty decent for it being less than 24 hours into my project). when the first dishcloth gets done I will DEFINITELY post it up on here...

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