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this is a blog chronicling my adventures in yarn, namely knitting and hopefully designing patterns and dyeing yarn starting this fall. I am a twentysomething knitter from Montana who loves yarn and making pretty things. check out my Etsy store, TiedDyedandBonafide, starting soon for great deals on yarn and notions!

Monday, November 7, 2011


no I am not making one. I just unraveled one!! hoorah! it was surprisingly simple... I had a lot of fun with it. now comes the measuring and the winding and the TOUCHING SOFT THINGS!!! cause I can. so far it looks like ramen noodles, bu that's okay. I already have 95 yards measured out and balled up with a little piece of paper attached to it so that I know ow much is there. probably shoulda washed the thing first but what are ya gonna do??

I have the bug though. now I want MORE SWEATERS for unravelling. MORE MORE MORE!!!! (secret santa if you are reading this.... go find a good one)

I also really really REALLY wanna make tshirt yarn... I was thinking I could tiedye it first and then cut it up so that it would have an awesome pattern. we'll see. (damn that makes me sound like a mom. to myself. weird........)

anyway, upcycled yarn will shortly be making an appearance in my Etsy store (the new one!!!! TiedDyedandBonafide) as will handdyed nylon sportweight yarn. WINNING!!

in other news.... started a sock (another pair) that will look like this. only yellow and dark dark DARK brown (almost black) that has an afterthought heel (maybe red?? have not decided yet.) tis is in addition to the house socks that i am making for Ginny and the elefante from sock yarn that I am making for Keeley. SO MUCH SOCK YARN!! you say. then I won't tell you about the MORE SOCK YARN I bought this weekend.

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