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this is a blog chronicling my adventures in yarn, namely knitting and hopefully designing patterns and dyeing yarn starting this fall. I am a twentysomething knitter from Montana who loves yarn and making pretty things. check out my Etsy store, TiedDyedandBonafide, starting soon for great deals on yarn and notions!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes i am crazy

but not for the reasons you think (or maybe EXACTLY for those reasons). I dyed yarn for the first time two days ago!!!! (cheers erupt from the crowd) the picture above is my first real attempt at beauty... I call the colorway Anansi the Spider ( which makes my spellcheck LOVE me) - a green/orange colorway 100% cotton... and for SALE!!!! (check my Etsy account... TrunkJunkie! :) )

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